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Sowing a Seed of Faith

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The Mission of Mustard Media Ministry is to strengthen faith and build belief in the Word of God through creation of multimedia content presented in a contemporary context.

To make our work more accessible, content will be delivered by The Mustard Messenger, published monthly online and in limited hard copies. The website will feature “Mustard Moments,” audio/visual segments that will be podcast and will feature interviews on spiritual topics with leading thinkers.

Mustard Media Ministry is being launched on April 18th by Ira Alexander, a veteran journalist who wrote on religion for The Dallas Morning News and who is dedicated to living by The Word. This blog will provide the back story on spiritual issues of the day as discussed in the publication and on the site. Look  for us; tell us what you think.

We are sowing a seed of faith. Help it take root.


One thought on “Sowing a Seed of Faith

  1. Great idea. Looking forward to reading the articles.

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