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Back Story

Creating the First Issue

There is an old saying about never sharing how the sausage is made.  Some things should stay a mystery

and the particulars about hog innards do not inspire. But giving birth to an idea is something to behold

– especially if you believe in destiny.


The Mustard Messenger was actually conceived nearly a decade ago. It just had a longer gestation

period than normal. A 20-year-career as a newspaper journalist ended without even a retirement party.

So surgical was the separation that by the time the wound was really felt, years had slipped away.  No

requiem for someone who loved to write; no captive readership and no clue how to reinvent One’s self

at middle age.


The last assignment was covering religion, a topic that was fascinating and frightening.  If people got

heated over political stories,  surely the burn was going to come on God, faith, and belief. Being a

member of the award-winning religion team of The Dallas Morning News renewed the passion for

research, an appetite for controversy and debate.


As a traditional journalist was being reborn in a digital communications age, a layoff occurred, and

religion coverage was no longer given its own section.


An Answer to a Spiritual Crisis

A talented staff disbanded.  Some left the newspaper, others were transferred to different sections.  My

struggle with middle age, a career crisis and a debilitating illness dropped to a depth no human being

could reach to rescue. I was losing my eyesight to diabetes and had lost the will to write.

One morning I awoke with a religion story in my head;  reciting the entire article in my mind. In that

moment, I realized who was writing those religion stories. I had merely been the messenger and He

told me:  “You write with your spirit and not your eyes. You will see your words again.”

I recalled a promise made, almost a decade ago, that I would continue to write about religion but not as

doctrine or an organized activity; but as a search for spiritual healing and a reaffirmation of belief.

The Mustard Messenger is the vehicle to accomplish that.  With specialized software that magnifies

text and reads my stories, I write as effortlessly as I did before.  Now I am driven to bring people closer

to God’s Word in a way that engages their spirit.


Looking Through the Lens of Pop Culture

The context will always be contemporary; 21st relevant today. An army of former colleagues

will be contributors; my amazing husband and family helped launch the first issue and web site.


In this issue, we explore Christian movies and whether they can have a spiritual effect on the viewer.

We focus on Jesus, a cinematic super star and a complex figure to try and capture on film.  Hollywood

never seems to tire of putting his life on the silver screen.


Now Christians are using marketing methods to evangelize,  to drive box office records for what

they like and sink projects they believe take too much license with The Bible.  Movie producers often

find themselves in a box:  stick to tradition and The Gospels but avoid being labeled ant-Ssemitic or take

some dramatic liberty with a powerful story and risk revenue.  There is artistic temptation.

The article wades knee deep into the worlds of theology and popular culture and hopefully emerges

with something you will find illuminating and worthy of your time.


Ira Alexander


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  1. You are indeed an Answer to a Spiritual Crisis and your writing talent is awesome; keep up the great works, and I will be reading it…

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