Mustard Media Ministry

A Message of Faith and Belief


The Mission:

To strengthen faith and build belief in the Word of God through creation of multimedia content presented within a contemporary context.


The Message:

God’s Word endures through the ages to meet every human circumstance, to protect our spiritual inheritance by helping us to overcome sin through acceptance of His Son, Jesus.


This is the overarching editorial theme that will guide content decisions. While a Christian-based media company, it will also explore the relationship to different faiths: Judaism, Islam and others.


The Method:

To achieve accessibility, content will be delivered by The Mustard Messenger, published monthly online and in limited hard copies; “Mustard Moments,” audio/video segments that will be podcast, such as interviews on spiritual topics with leading thinkers and Mustard Motivation, a speakers and seminar ministry that will help its writers connect with the community.


Mustard Media Ministry  is the  nonprofit parent company of these entities and will provide financial and administrative support. It will be funded by donors and Christian advertisers. Churches will pay a subscription rate, based on size of congregation, that will include shipping copies.


An advisory board of journalists, theologians, pastors and parishioners will meet yearly to evaluate content and provide new ideas.


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